September 26, 2023

Sell a Course from Your WordPress Blog and Make it Private Access Only

Are you a coach? Do you wonder why more people aren’t booking hours with you?

Not everyone wants a coach. A good chunk of your income can actually come from selling courses and ebooks.

The hardest part is getting started. But once you learn how, you can do a rinse and repeat and it’s SO worth creating this lucrative, hands-off revenue stream!

Basic Tasks to Get Moving on if You Want to Launch Courses from Your Blog:

Start collecting leads. Use a list manager such as Aweber. Publish articles on your blog that speak to your target audience. Capture leads with a signup form. Set up a NEW form for people who want to sign up for an individual course that you plan to launch and run from your inbox or via a private Facebook group.

Create a theme for your first course.

Your course should help people solve a problem. Try to think of all the popular coaching topics.

Abundance, Mindfulness, Positive Thinking, Positive Self Talk, Stress Relief, Honesty in Relationships, Resilience, Gratitude, Growth Mindset, Wealth Attraction, Living Your Best Life.

There are SO many self improvement topics that people want to learn more about!

Never ran a course before? Use your WordPress blog! It’s a great, easy way to dip your toe in the course creation waters. This is what you should set up prior to announcing your course.

  • A way to communicate with your course attendees (again, a list manager is best, but Facebook private group works too, it’s just messier communication)
  • A WordPress blog that you’re comfortable working in (or get your VA in on this project)
  • A series of articles that help solve a single problem. Use 7 of them to create a week-long course
  • Active PayPal account for people to pay you from

Set Up a Private Access Only Course from Your WordPress Blog:

Here’s what to do:

Let’s say this is a course on Setting Personal Goals.

STEP 1: Grab the first article. Highlight-all, copy. (Control-A, Control-C). Start a new blog post for Day 1 of the course.  Paste the content into your blog post content area. Add a few questions or a journaling assignment for students to work on.

Example: Day 1: A Quick Crash Course on Goal Setting (that’s the title of your post).

Now make the blog post private. You will see some buttons to click in the upper right-hand corner of the post. Add a user and password so that the post is private.

STEP 2: Set up Day 2 of your course, following the same format. In our example, Day 2 could be “Create an Overarching Personal Goal”

(Proceed with setting up your course content in your blog as explained).

STEP 3: Announce your course launch. Use engaging words, and give people good reasons to sign up. Discuss what’s included and the benefits.

Example of what’s included:

Join us for “7 Days to Crush Your Personal Goals.” Get clear on personal priorities and move ahead with your big dreams and plans!

Once people sign up and PayPal you, provide the login/password to the course. Each day, give them the link to another, password-protected post in the challenge. Do it via your autoresponder (cuts time, plus you can recycle the series of emails).

Or, log in each morning and send a new email with the link to the next lesson in your course, and the password info.

Creating coaching courses is EASY to do from your blog! Once you start, you won’t want to stop.

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