September 25, 2023

Shout Out to J&S Autohaus in Ewing, NJ from My Dad

My dad has always enjoyed cars and bought good cars. When we were kids he would sometimes race down the highway and pass people (in a safe way), and my bro and I thought that was fun.

There was a bump on one country road in our town. He would accelerate while going over it so he could get air as we flew over the bump. We would hum the Dukes of Hazzard song and yell “Yeee hawww!” It was the 80s, those were the kinds of things we did back then.

As a grandpa, he has passed along his love of cars to my son. When Disney Cars became of interest, he bought my son a set of 14 miniature cars from the movie which my son LOVED. Later, I figured out that snap-together model cars are a fun gift for boys, so I started buying these at Hobby Lobby and now it’s a thing with them. My boy and his grandpa like to discuss their passion for Lamborghinis, Bugattis and such when they get together. Do I love this? Of course I do.

My dad has always shown concern and care about whatever kind of car I was driving. When I would drive back home for a visit, he’d always ask me how my car was running, come out and do a quick inspection under the hood.

I remember when we negotiated with the car salesman for one of the used Hondas that he helped me buy. My dad doesn’t get excited or anxious in situations like this. He just says what he wants and is reasonable about it. Because of this, I came to feel that buying cars and houses is fun and exciting. You get to negotiate for what you want and walk out with something of value that is awesome.

My Dad Wanted to Tell You About J&S Autohaus New & Used Car Dealer in Ewing, NJ

This morning my dad called me and asked “If I could put something on the internet” about a great car dealer that he worked with in Ewing, NJ. It was time for him to replace his truck and he went with a place called J&S Autohaus. He told me to write the following:

“Best car buying experience in my 50 years of buying cars. My salesman, Rami Borgi, was very friendly, no pressure. He went above and beyond to accommodate me and made the whole process a pleasure. Rami is the best!”

Contact J&S Autohaus for All Your Car Buying Needs

1723 North Olden Avenue
Ewing, NJ 08638
SALES: 609-375-1722
SERVICE: 609-557-3523
J&S Autohaus website

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