September 25, 2023

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Hey, it’s me, Dina! I wanted to remind you that if you’re a business in NJ looking for high quality traffic to your website, Facebook page or other social profiles, you can email me some GREAT content that you’d love to get more people to look at.

I DON’T charge for a post on this blog. It’s my “give back” project and I love to help hardworking people like you.

Be strategic when you publish content. WHERE do you want to drive the traffic? Use these tips as a guide and reminder:

  1. Make sure it’s TARGETED to your audience. That’s such an overused term, but it means post something USEFUL that will help them. What do they want to know? If you’re not sure, sit down and do a brainstorm of questions they’d be likely to ask YOU as the expert.
  2. CAPTURE email addresses. Make sure you have an EMAIL SUBSCRIBER FORM set up on your website. Email marketing is your direct line to future customers, referrals and sales.
  3. MAKE PLANS to start running SALES, promotional events and giveaways. This sounds like a lot but it’s not. Just do ONE. After you set up your list, commit to ONE act that’s designed to help you get more people looking, liking, clicking and buying.
  4. QUICKLY create some great content. I’ll put it up on the Healthy Happy NJ blog here, select keywords for the title that help you get found, and link back to your website, Facebook page, or wherever else you want people to go. If you’re looking to GROW YOUR LIST I can link directly to a signup page on your website.
  5. All you have to do is GIVE ME THE INFORMATION. Take a minute to put something together. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and I can fix it for you because this is what I do.
  6. Supply your contact info. That goes at the bottom of the post I publish for you. Put in a short bio about you OR your company. Two or 3 lines and a link back to your site is what I’ll share with the world.
  7. Email it to me. The more you jump ahead to the part where I can easily access your text, images and video content to publish on this blog, the  more likely you’ll get published here.

THANKS, and I’m wishing YOU the BEST of success!

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Dina works from home as a freelance copywriter, marketing consultant/coach, and virtual assistant. She’ll jump right in to help with your projects, then disappear until you need her next!
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