September 28, 2023

NJ Company Trucks and Signs in the Spotlight

Hey, Dina here! I’ve been wanting to post a whole bunch of great content for about a month now.

My web host went crazy and I had to muck through all of this BS before I finally bit the bullet and switched to a new provider. Now everything seems to be going better – faster, easier, hooray!

So I wanted to share these pics that I took while driving around Warren and Hunterdon County, NJ.

Smart companies being strategic with their advertising – putting ALL contact info right on their vehicles!

If I see a service advertised, I take a picture so I can share with someone who may need that service in the future. Here are some company spottings from summer 2020!

J&J Gutters: Roofing & Siding, Gutter Cleaning. Call 973 234 6003
SPLASH Kitchen & Bath Remodels. Call 888 313 0999
Balaney Contracting LLC. Hardscape & Landscaping. Phone # is 732 529 6600 in Somerset County. Phone is 908 256 3969 for Warren County. I actually talked to this guy and he seemed very happy to be featured in the blog. Website is
Spotted at the park. Cooper’s Security Cameras, Audio/Video, Data/Comm, Autmation. Located in Alpha, NJ. Call 1877-COOPER-9.
Stopped these ladies at a red light in PBurg one morning, told them about the blog and they were happy to be featured. Their company is listed as JR Cleaning Services if you want to Google them. I accidentally cut off the phone number! Molly Maids – 908 575 0909.


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