September 25, 2023

Sushi and Thai in Frenchtown Open ‘Til 10 PM? Hell Yes. Bamboo House in the House!

Wow. So apparently Bamboo House in Frenchtown knows exactly what to do to be the premier sushi restaurant in the Delaware Valley region of NJ.

  • One, they bring Manhattan sushi chef experience to our humble little riverside corner of the map.
  • Two, they set up an awesome tiki-bar resembling outdoor dining area surrounded by bamboo (hence the name, Bamboo House).
  • Three, they serve the freshest, tastiest sushi in town.
  • Four, they smartly rigged up an outdoor takeout window from the kitchen directly to their awesome bamboo-clad patio. So you can hop out of your car with corona mask in place, credit card in hand, and stroll right up to receive your incredible sushi, all wrapped up and ready to go.
  • Five, it’s not just sushi. Your family member, friend or coworker who’s jonesing for Thai or Japanese gets fed tonight, too.
  • Six, and here’s the kicker, they STAY OPEN UNTIL 10 PM on a weeknight during COVID. (I don’t know if those were always the hours. I’ve only just tuned in to this fact, but WHAT a smart thing to do!)
  • Lucky SEVEN, you can bring along some adult beverages, because they’re BYOB!
  • And let’s not leave out number 8, this is a GREAT place to come with family or on a sweet date.
We visited Bamboo House the other night. I ordered the Bamee Siam and asked for hot sauce. It was hot, as indicated here.


Meet Me at Bamboo House

Who’s powering down the computer to emerge, bleary eyed and ravenous, from my writerly den of internet marketing obsession to go and grab some delicious fresh sushi at 8p.m.? THIS GIRL.  Oh, hell yes. I’ll drive for incredible sushi.

Bamboo House Thai and Sushi of Frenchtown is on your way home from wherever you came. They’re on Route 519 on the left-hand side if you’re heading south from Milford to Frenchtown.

Download the full menu so you can call in your order on the way.

Contact Info:

Bamboo House
Download their menu here, so you’ll be ready to order when you call!
Phone: (908) 996-6689
Bamboo House of Frenchtown – Thai and Japanese Restaurant Website


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