December 11, 2023

To Thine Own Self Be True | Suzanne’s Corner

I used to think being sensitive was a curse. I disliked the fact that being an empath made me weak. After searching most of my life… after questioning over and over the whys of my blueprint and path… I now realize that if that trait was taken from me… I would lose the very essence of who I am.

My diet has been poor lately and I don’t mean nutritional diet. Our diets are more than the foods we eat and the drinks we drink. They are spiritual, emotional, and physical. What we read, what we watch. What and who we give our time and attention to, what we react to, these all make up our whole-body diet.

Life and habits can be paralyzing at times. Moments of escape are sometimes easier than drawing the line the sand and saying enough is enough. Discipline to better habits, practicing kindness to those who are lost and wounded, and simply trying harder to be a little better takes repeated efforts of courage daily.

I looked up today and saw a parting of the clouds allowing the light to enter and it immediately hit me. My ability to empathize, my deep appreciation of the little things, my sharp awareness of others’ pain… is WHO I am.

And although realizing God knows I fall daily. I struggle with things I can’t understand… I know the path I am on is exactly where I need to be.

To Thine Own Self Be True.

Writer, competitive runner and visionary Suzanne Swanson shares inspiring words on the Run Before You Fly blog. She helps those in unhealthy relationships with food and alcohol to overcome their blocks and move on to self love. Join her running, healthy lifestyle and emotional support group on Facebook!