December 11, 2023

Your Spring Content Marketing Plan: BUY the Content, Change it and Publish!

Spring is coming. Have you thought about your content marketing strategy?

  • If you’re a Business publisher, make a lead magnet that teaches people steps on how to, say, give their website a facelift (just one of many examples)
  • If you’re a Health or Weight Loss publisher, start prepping for bathing suit season! People want recipes, workouts, inspiration.
  • If you publish Home and Family content, spring cleaning is the topic to tackle. Make an ebook to sell or share!
  • What about life coaching and self improvement? Teach your clients to how to offload mental clutter, release emotional baggage and lighten up for spring
  • Wellness and simple living publishers, get new signups and sales with an essential oils spring blends recipe book!

Wordfeeder has ALL the content for you to make info downloads, blog posts, social media updates, ebooks and more

Use Canva, WordPress, your email list manager and your fave social media platforms to crank out the content and get more people looking, clicking, signing up and buying.

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