November 29, 2023

Treasure Hunts Ads. Still Around in 2023? YES.

Since quarantine there has been a lot of confusion about the Treasure Hunt ads publication and what happened to it.

Countless people from Hunterdon, Warren County NJ and Northampton PA relied on the Treasure Hunt for decades, to get a message out about their businesses and to hunt for bargains, jobs and opportunities.

For a while, the Treasure Hunt went away. However, many people might not know that they’re back. The publication is in print once again, however most people might have missed the update.

I wanted to know exactly what was up, so I found their website and emailed them. Rest assured, the Treasure Hunt is still being printed and yes, they are still ready and waiting to publish your classified ad, company promotion, etc.

Why is the publication not as thick as it once was? Very likely because people don’t know they can still run an ad. Just go to their website and prepare your classified listing. The more that we make use of this amazing resource, the better it will be, to the benefit of all.

I don’t know about you, but I was feeling lost without the Treasure Hunt. Many of us relied on this tried and true printed publication for a wealth of information on the following:

  • Items for sale
  • Help wanted
  • Garage sales
  • Real estate listings
  • Apartment rentals
  • Car and truck sales
  • Local events and fundraisers
  • Available services
  • Seasonal advertising
  • So much more

One important thing to know is that their website changed. You may have visited them at This URL redirects to their new site,

It’s still the same publication, managed a bit differently. Visit the site and you can submit your listing using their online form. No need to make a call unless you want to.

The Treasure Hunt is still in circulation. I cannot say whether they are still being distributed at the exact same locations, but I do see them around such as at the entrance to ShopRite and some of my favorite convenience stores.

If you have any trouble with the website or want to ask questions, definitely contact them as they will respond and will be very grateful that you reached out.

Support the Treasure Hunt! Pick up your copy, submit a classified. Let’s bring back an awesome publication that has well served the community for quite a long time.

Visit the Treasure Hunt and submit your classified ad here

Treasure Hunt Ads Phone Number: 908 454 0880