September 28, 2023

Vegan Recipes with Private Label Rights

I’m a part of the PLR content creation industry and this is how it works. People like me make content and then we offer it at a budget-friendly price.

People like you who have a website if you do, purchase the private label rights (PLR) content and then tweak a little to make it their own.

Then the buyers of the content publish it under their own brand name to make online cookbooks, blog posts with affiliate links to Amazon products, email blasts, recipe videos and more.

Most of the ways plr websites work is that you sign up and then get your own member login. You can log in and access your content anytime.

You’ll get lots of emails for content that’s on sale through providers like myself and the people I know.

Here’s a package of quick, healthy vegan recipes for families

Steph and Shannon at Monthly Content Helpers have a nice set of recipes for you to share.

Your audience does not have to be vegan to enjoy going meatless and these recipes will help them feed their family healthy meals minus meat.

This content comes with an ebook of recipes including 4,000 words, 10 images and a blank meal planner for your readers to print out.

The total content package is 50% off, no coupon needed, through September 14th, 2021.

Learn more and order here