November 29, 2023

What Easter Teaches Us About Life

Christians learn the story of Jesus’s sacrifice on Easter. But what does it mean? Some thoughts.

You could be sent straight from God, but ignorance and mob mentality can still ruin you.

Every person knows in their heart what it is to be good. If you forget, just ask yourself: What would Jesus do? Follow that and you should be okay.

Criminals by society’s standards can still have a good heart.

Validation is so powerful that it can heal the sick, make the lame walk and save condemned souls. Live out your belief and faith in others and be loud about it.

Even after your physical body perishes, your spirit lives on forever based on the love you gave while you were here.

Most people won’t recognize your worthiness until after you pass away… then you will be immortalized. Anyone who has lost a loved one knows what this really means.

What are your thoughts about Easter Sunday, and how has the story of Jesus’s life, death and reurrection brought meaning to your life?

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