December 4, 2023

Where Do Food Pantries Get Their Food?

You may have heard of food pantries helping families in need in your area. Maybe you even know someone who has received food pantry support.

One question many people have about food pantries is: where does food pantry food come from?

The answer comes to you from the Washington Basket Food Pantry of Warren County, NJ.

Where Food Pantry Food Comes From: Donations of Both Food and Money; Limited Government Funds

US food pantries are supported by TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) managed by the USDA, or US Department of Agriculture.

A certain amount of funding as well as USDA-procured foods are supplied through their food distribution program.

The amount of support that each food pantry is granted by the US government varies from state to state and is determined based on number of low-income and unemployed people within that state.

Why Do Some Food Pantries Offer Better Selection Than Others?

A well stocked food pantry becomes that way thanks to whatever is donated by our community members.

When the food pantry reaches full to overflowing, clients get more picks from the food pantry shelves.

When the food pantry selections dwindle, the pantry must ration what is left. This means fewer pantry shelf picks per household.

By September, food pantry shelves are often depleted. This is a great time for our community members to take a peek in the pantry of their own kitchens and see what they can offer our neighbors in need.

Quantity and variety of food may vary from one food pantry to the next. This is because we rely on donations from local businesses and individuals to keep our pantry shelves filled.

A food pantry that has been around for some years and is well known in the area likely receives strong support from the community.

Monetary donations from the community allow food pantry volunteers to shop for what’s needed in order that clients receive balanced nutritional support as well as obtain needed personal care items.

What Happens if the Food Pantry Runs Low on Food?

Food pantries acquire fresh, frozen and shelf stable foods as well as personal care products for their clients by way of donations, monetary contributions, and USDA food distribution (amount determined by percentage of unemployed and low income residents).

The Open Cupboard Food Pantry of Clinton, NJ runs a wonderful thrift shop which helps to fund their food pantry.

Our Washington Basket pantry is a new location of the Open Cupboard family.

Opened in 2022, our food pantry is brand new and we seek community support to help feed hungry residents of South Warren County NJ.

How to Help Your Local Food Pantry Thrive

Donate when you can! Volunteer. Spread the word. Run a food drive.

Support the Washington Basket Food Pantry of south Warren County, NJ. To learn more about our food pantry, visit the Open Cupboard Food Pantry website.

There, you will find information on both the Open Cupboard Food Pantry of Clinton in Hunterdon County; and our Washington Basket of Warren County, NJ locations.

We gratefully welcome donations of shelf stable food, personal care products, baby products and toiletries to fill the shelves of our Washington Basket, Warren County location.

We also welcome monetary donations via PayPal. Use the Donate page of our website, below, to send us a Paypal payment.

Learn more about how to donate here.

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