November 29, 2023

Where to Get Topsoil, Plants & Garden Supplies in Warren County NJ | Peacefield Gardens on Route 57

Wondering where’s a good source to order topsoil, mulch or decorative stone in bulk for your gardening, planting and landscaping needs? Need to beautiful your property with plants and flowers? Try Peacefield Gardens on Route 57 in Lopatcong, NJ.  It’s close to Stewartsville also, in case you needed another town reference.

SALE on Sunpatien Flowers – Full-Sun Impatiens – at Peacefield Gardens! Through June 13, 2021

This week, June 6 through 13, 2021 they’re running a sale on “sunpatiens” which I imagine are the same thing as New Guinea impatiens… my favorite type of low-growing, bushy flower but these are hot-weather resistant and will thrive in full sun. I believe regular impatiens require a bit more shade to be at their best. These are perfect to add a splash of color to your landscaping. Once they’re in, they don’t need much care.

Peacefield Gardens has been going strong through quarantine and it’s a great place for all of your “garden therapy” and outdoor space beautification needs.

They’re a family-run business, so if you love to support great local peeps, you’ll be doing that when you purchase plants, flowers and gardening supplies from Peacefield Gardens.

There’s a whole lot to love about Peacefield Gardens in Lopatcong, NJ! So come on down to Warren County and check out the offerings… you can plant to your heart’s content this weekend. 🙂

Contact: Peacefield Gardens – Plants, Flowers, Gardening and Landscaping Supplies near Phillipsburg, NJ – Warren County!

571 State Route 57
Lopatcong, NJ 08865
Phone: 908 454 1400

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