September 28, 2023

Windshield Replacement in Warren County, NJ

Who do you call if your windshield cracks and needs repair or replacement?

Safelite, of course!

I recently faced this problem and put it off for quite a while.

What started as a small crack on the passenger side slowly became a Y-shaped crack bigger than my forearm.

Spoiler alert. The Safelite guy came and replaced my windshield. 😁

I called Safelite and they gave me a quote. Then I did some comparison shopping with a local place.

The price was basically the same, but Safelite at least shows up to your house and disposes of the old windshield.

I was concerned about payment. Windshield replacement is not cheap.

The technician was super friendly and accommodating.

He made himself available by text as I ran around moving money in my bank accounts to come up with cash for this repair.

I found this whole process fascinating.

He called to say he would be coming early… and I said I was at the bank but “maybe he could go get some donuts until I get there?”

He did not get donuts… he actually went on another repair call! 😁

Overall, I was definitely happy with the service provided by Safelite. I was able to make the appointment online, and I did get a coupon.

What about a Safelite discount for you?

Your best bet to get the discount up front is to Google Safelite coupon. Then start the order process from that page where they have the code listed.

Safelite service? Five stars.

The technician was competent, skilled, fast, friendly and accommodating.

He also told me a funny story about one of his customers coming out to ask what he was doing… leaning on the white car and accidentally sticking his arm in the black glue before it had dried, messing up his own vehicle’s paint job!

A day in the life of a windshield repair man.

Got a broken windshield in Warren County, NJ?

Call Safelite at 1-800-800-2727 for a quote today.