September 28, 2023

Best Thai Food | Bamboo House in Frenchtown NJ

A while back I was singing the praises of Bamboo House in Frenchtown. Well, I started thinking about their yummy food and got a hankering for Thai. Perhaps it’s this blazing hot weather.

Also, I wanted to make sure I got a picture of whatever I ordered before digging in. It’s really hard for me not to start eating immediately when I get something yummy from a restaurant.

So this time I chose pahd see yu from the noodle section of the menu. The description said that it came with pan fried flat rice noodles, Chinese broccoli which looks nothing like broccoli, and your choice of chicken, beef or tofu.

I specifically requested a combo of chicken, shrimp and tofu for my order and that’s what they gave me. It was perfect. Also, last time I got the bamee which was great too, but my favorite are really the gummy noodles and this dish delivers on that front. Gummy it was. Gummy and yummy.

By the way. I’m not too familiar with the Thai menu. I know that my favorite is called “drunken noodles” by some restaurants but this one does not have that on the menu. It has another name but I can’t remember what it is. I also like pad Thai, but that’s a standard. I mean come on, if you enjoy Thai food then you probably appreciate pad Thai.

What Does Drunken Noodles Mean, Anyway?

Oh, here’s a fun fact for you. We and countless others pondered the curious name of that favorite spicy dish with the aforementioned gummy flat noodles. They call it drunken noodles. There is much speculation on the internet as to what this could refer to.

I did some Googling maybe 10 years ago and learned that drunken noodles is named such because it is a spicy and savory dish that you would eat after imbibing to excess. I guess in Thailand this is their version of 3:00 a.m. diner food, haha!

So if you like it hot, find out about drunken noodles. They probably have it on the menu listed as some other name. And if you like a nice garlicky, savory noodley dish then go with the pahd see yu which is what I ordered today.

Deliciously done, Bamboo House, and thank you again!

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