September 28, 2023

Do You Want to Start a Business? We Have Your Plan Right Here.

Ever thought, “Hey, it would be cool to work from home”? That’s what I dreamed of doing, and now I’m in my 17th year as a freelance copywriter and content seller online.

(In my other professional role, I run a membership where people buy prewritten web articles via a monthly membership.)

There is SO much going on these days and people are glued to the internet waiting for the next updateBUT… WHAT are we accomplishing?

You might be still wondering where your stimulus check went. But if there’s any lesson I’ve learned, it’s that sitting there waiting won’t help you help yourself get out of a difficult situation.

While other people remain paralyzed in fear and confusion, YOU could use this opportunity to strike out on your own and make a name for yourself in a niche.

You can decide who you want to be: the passive onlooker, or the one who acts and gets other people looking.

So let’s talk about taking action for our future… for the future of our families and to keep the money coming in.

Don’t wait – launch now! Make your money move, the time is right.

A smart and web-savvy business expert named Cindy Bidar created the course that I keep saying in my own head that I’m going to launch.

(When you have a business online –or a business of any kind, for that matter– sometimes you can get bogged down in the details.)

So now that she’s launched it…  it only makes sense for me to shout it out to you and the rest of the world!

Back to Basics: An Online Business Start-Up Plan

If you’ve ever wanted to launch a business online but couldn’t get organized in your own brain, now you have a set of instructions to kick off your effort. Cindy Bidar is a well respected name in the online business world. If you need a jumping point, take a look at this beautiful, well organized, informative course she’s put together.

Here’s what Cindy can help you set and achieve goals on:

  • A profitable business model that fits your lifestyle, your personality, and your financial goals
  • A niche you’re enthusiastic about, with an audience of eager buyers ready to take action
  • A brand that attracts your ideal customer (and even turns away those who will only waste your time)
  • Critical business foundation pieces that will support you as you grow
  • A do-able marketing plan that gets results without overwhelming you

Regularly $97, you get this course for $37 with coupon code START.

I believe she might have an expiration date on this, but I’m not sure what it is. So you’d be smart to grab it now!

Go here for Cindy Bidar’s Online Business Startup Plan

Don’t forget your HALF OFF coupon code. Enter the word START at checkout to see those dollars drop off.

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