September 25, 2023

Don’t Miss Taco Tuesdays at Fresh Tortillas, Alpha (Phillipsburg) NJ

Glad to see that the taco bench is back in action at Fresh Tortillas in Pohatcong, Alpha, Warren County NJ.

This was one of the smart-minded restaurants who pivoted to the use of a plexiglass shield and curbside pickup during quarantine.

It was awesome to still be able to have tacos, and not just on a tuesday. But we definitely missed dining in at this friendly and festive local venue.

Authentic creative Mexican specialties, margaritas and beer, and their own signature hot sauce have been just some of the selling points at Fresh Tortillas.

If you’re wondering where the pictures of tacos are, we ate them before I had a chance to snap a pic!

From their tasty taco bowls to their homemade guacamole, to pulled pork, Mexican soup and famous fish tacos, there’s always something delicious coming out of the kitchen at this terrific taco place.

Oh, and I’d be remiss to not mention their tres leche cake. It’s so good. Even people who don’t like cake will like this cake.

We showed up late tonight and rushed off with our tacos, not thinking much about dessert.

But we love the tres leche so much that we might just go back there tomorrow afternoon for a slice of yumminess.

For my personal restaurant rating, I give them five out of five stars. Fun atmosphere, cool decor, good people, festive music welcoming you inside, and some very delicious Mexican fare.

The only thing I would say, and this is not even a negative; it’s just something I noticed… It seems like nobody can remember the name?

Even so all you have to do is Google Mexican food in Phillipsburg and I’m sure it comes up. So no worries, they could change the name tomorrow and people would still figure out how to get their tacos.

I went in tonight and was greeted by three happy ladies… so I mentioned putting them in the blog and was then introduced to the new owner, Ursula, who took over the restaurant spring of this year.

Working hard on a Friday night, happy to host you in  Healthy Happy NJ!

Don’t miss Taco Tuesdays at Fresh Tortillas in Alpha, NJ.

Call (908) 454-1180 or stop in!

Fresh Tortillas, 837 Third Ave, Alpha, NJ 08865