September 28, 2023

How to KNOW You’re an Empowered Woman?

Hello and Happy *2022*
Do you have some big goals for the new year? The kind that you’re hoping won’t fizzle out by mid-February?

There is one thing that will make a huge difference. That is, being Empowered. This means you have the tools of Self-Awareness and Inner Wisdom.

When we become self-aware, the witness part of us that notices, without judgement, the subtle shifts in our own actions, thoughts and feelings is activated (aka finally paid some attention to).

This simple awareness sets you up with the exact location, weather conditions and mode of transportation from where we can truly begin to create a positive change from.

For me, this is achieved by meditating, taking time to check in with my true, innermost self.
My favorite mode of meditating is sitting quietly on my cushion in the comfortable corner of my room where my mat is always left unrolled. Here, I plant myself all times of day, but usually as my littlest takes her first nap, to answer the age-old question, “What do I want?”

The calm begins with a simple mantra- “I am here. It is now.”… Then progresses toward thanking the higher ups for my blessings (that I am safe, protected, happy, healthy, at ease and free).

Then, I just breathe and listen, eventually knowing when it’s time to bow or move back into the activity of my day with some empowering information on how I’d like to proceed (for example, today it was to start writing this email).

However, I have also been enjoying some guided meditation practices recently on the Insight Timer app. It is lovely to be able to pick whatever theme, time-frame and presenter I want and be able to track my progress.

I also just finished my senior thesis (Yey, I finished my BS in Health Services Technology! woot woot) on Headspace, which has great reviews and is simple to use. And then there is Calm, which is paving the way for meditation and mental health services to unite.

Do you use a meditation app? Perhaps you would like to give one a try this year, as a tool to help you achieve your resolution for 2022 and all of your worthy goals and wildest dreams!

Other ways to increase self-awareness are by doing yoga, practicing mindfulness (while eating, cleaning, walking, running, etc) or being in your body (noticing your breath, enjoying staying fit or dancing like no one is watching —because they’re not, and if they are, it’s because you live-streamed yourself dancing in your pajamas in the middle of the living room – because you are ready to give less ****’s about what people think and do what you really want to do— talk about Empowerment!)
But Awareness is not the only instrument to achieve our goals in an empowered way. We can have all the knowledge in the world, the clinical studies, the books and the news reports, read and reviewed, over and again.

But without checking in with ourselves for own own intuitive Wisdom (before the external knowledge binge, after, or both), we are simply adopting others’ points of views as our own… which is another reason that lasting change is hard to achieve.

If our subconscious mind is dedicated to what others think, we are operating from an inauthentic starting point and become motivated by the fear that we won’t fit in, ouch… no fun.

If you have been feeling like it’s time to level-up your energy, become more authentic and empowered and re-write your story in 2022, then I am glad to hold space for you and with you.

I am geared up with the tools I need to make this my best year ever, pulling together the my personal development milestones, recent academic achievements and overall life experience (the good, the bad and the ugly) to create yoga and wellness programs from the most authentic and empowered place I can.

My long-term professional goal and mission is to normalize self-worth -for women especially. And personally, it is to continue to be true to myself and gain more comfort and confidence within the imperfect moments (aka real life).

I know that as long as I keep my commitment to checking in with the timeless ancient practices (yoga, Ayurveda, primeval wisdom), the modern science (unbiased, evidence-based research) and my own inner compass, I will never be steered off course.

💟 Mary

PS: To learn more about this month’s offerings, including yoga classes and workshops, Click Here! To register for one, please reach out by replying to this email or messaging me! I look forward to supporting your health & wellness into 2022 & beyond!
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