September 21, 2023

Fresh Farm to Table Fare at Home | Lentil Recipe Idea from Holistic Coach and Herbalist Cheryl Karcher

Getting bored of the same old meals? There’s a world of amazing fresh foods out there just waiting for you to create beautiful healthy meals.

Lentil Salad Over Fresh Escarole with Slivered Almonds

Today’s healthy plant-based meal idea comes from herbalist Cheryl Karcher. Lentil salad over fresh escarole with truffle oil, a sprinkle of Parmesan and a squeeze of lemon, topped with slivered almonds.

A beautiful, simple and healthy meal. The most complicated part which really is not complicated at all, simmering up the lentils in advance and taking a minute to store them in the fridge for use in dishes like this.

Yes, with a little advanced planning and a few prep steps you can feed your body beautiful foods just like you would get at a farm to table restaurant.

The need to add more plants and fiber to our daily diet increases as we age, especially for women who have reached middle age and beyond.

If you’re a woman looking to shift into better habits to support good health and longevity, reach Cheryl for a holistic consultation at the contact info below.

Information submitted by:

Cheryl Karcher, Clinical Herbalist at Hilltop Herbals

Herbals Apothecary now located inside Belle Ame Eco Boutique 34 North Second Street Easton PA. Cheryl is also available to work one on one with clients and hosts informative herbal healing lectures and hands-on workshops.


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