December 11, 2023

The Strongest Man in the World is Vegan

The Game Changers.

This is the first time I knew of this super human and vegan athlete @patrikbaboumian

He’s one of the strongest men in the world! He can lift a crazy amount of weight, he can move vehicles BY HIMSELF…

…and he CHOOSES to fuel his body with PLANTS, not animals.

So many times people who aren’t eating a plant based diet ask… how do you get enough protein?

My answer? PLANTS!

Every time. Plants.

Since I started to live a more plant based lifestyle, and recently choose to become vegan… my world has opened up to so many new ways to enjoy PLANTS!

Cashew cheese, beans in so many ways, quinoa for breakfast, and avocado toast on sprouted bread! Tofu and tempeah… cauliflower “chicken” wings… ALL PLANTS! All DELICIOUS!

The world opens up when you open your mind. 💯 One of most eye opening things that has been said about strong vegans? The ox, the gorilla and the elephant. Three of the strongest animals on the planet… and they are all plant eaters!

Looking for ways to get started on a plant based lifestyle? I can help.

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