September 28, 2023

To Seek the High Life, You Must Give Up the Low Life

It all starts in your mind. The way we think.

Very Important for you to know: It takes change to Turn Your Life Around.

You can’t change if you refuse to move out of your comfort zone. You can’t have the high life if you refuse to let go of the low life.

In other words, to stay the way you are means you can’t be the way God wants you to be. If you want to hang on to the way you are, you can’t have the transformation.

We spend so much time defending the way we are, and why we are the way we are, that we never get to where we could be.

Don’t hang on to the old attitude that says, “Well, that’s the way I always thought…”

If that is a common phrase for you, crucify it, because you’ve got to be willing to give up the low life to attain the high life.

In order to turn things around, we need to change the way we think about where we are in life not now but right now. Let’s get it started.

Jesse Williams is an Accountability Coach who focuses on improving behavior in the following ways:

1. The way one thinks. 2. Getting control of our emotions. 3. Taking responsibility for the health of our physical body.

He set and achieved a goal to reach 2021 miles in the past year and today celebrates his accomplishment. Join Jesse’s inspirational group, Turn Your Life Around, on Facebook.