September 28, 2023

Lemon Roasted Chicken from Amy’s Best Dishes on TikTok

Ready for a bright and savory chicken dinner that the whole family will enjoy? I love making food like this!

Luckily, Amy of Amy’s Best Dishes on TikTok loves making videos of her gorgeous recipes. Lemon and garlic mingle perfectly in this simple-to-make chicken dish that goes great with rice, pasta or potatoes.

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Part 1, add all ingredients to a baking dish. Chicken pieces, lots of garlic, 3 whole lemons, and fresh Italian parsley. You can get the exact amounts from Amy’s video, if you need them.

Looks amazing already! So much health.

Part 2, bake in a nice, hot oven for about 2 hours, turning chicken pieces over halfway through.

I’m getting hungry over here. Fun fact: garlic, lemon and parsley are great immune boosters.

Final result. Mouthwateringly delicious. Follow Amy Carchietta at amysbestdishes on TikTok for more authentic Italian recipes like this one that uses fresh, whole ingredients.