September 21, 2023

Natural Cleaning Spray Recipe Using Essential Oils

Have you heard about the healing and purification power of essential oils? Not only are they good for the body by way of their healing properties (anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and a host of other positive effects depending on which plant the oil was derived from), but they smell magically delicious.

I have taken to filling and refilling my spray bottle with a delightful blend of witch hazel, tea tree oil, water, and whatever delicious blend of essential oils I may be in the mood for. It smells so good and fresh that I can’t seem to stop cleaning, which is highly unusual for me and can only mean great things for my family.

My recipe (I don’t actually measure – these are all guestimates):

1 1/2 cups water

splash of witch hazel (maybe ¼ cup?)

7 drops tea tree oil

15 drops geranium oil

10 drops lemon oil

6 drops cinnamon bark oil

The cinnamon and lemon blend smells surprisingly intoxicating. I use this mix to spritz and wipe my counter tops, table top, kitchen cabinets, the kitchen garbage pail, and sometimes the floor if I need to do a quick wipe-up. It makes everything smell delightful.

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