September 25, 2023

Pilates Flow from Evolution Studio | Pilates Instructor in Flemington, NJ

Wondering if Pilates is for you? Feeling unsure and in need of some guidance?

Get your Pilates on with Laura of Evolution Studio in Flemington, NJ. She posted this Pilates sequence last Friday, but I fell behind in my publishing.

Fortunately her message still applies to this beautiful autumn day, one week later. Different Friday, same sentiment.  Here’s Laura’s intro and explanation of the video series that’s being demonstrated in her workout video, below.

I checked off Mindfulness in the categories section of this blog. That’s because Pilates is a very mindful, slow, precise way of moving. Technique and form are everything, in Pilates, or so it would seem based on what I’ve watched from Laura.

From Laura, Pilates Teacher in Flemington, NJ:

Happy Friday!!! It is absolutely GORGEOUS out here in NJ. You can feel fall 🍁 in the air. The sun is warm and the breeze is cool. Love this weather!! Take a look at this  pilates flow…I’m using a rotational disc from @aeropilates to add…you guessed it…rotation…into this sequence. It adds a combination of stretch, instability, core activation and a bit of 🔥 to this series. Whoop whoop!
The set up: standing on disc at the end of the carriage, long box against shoulder blocks, 1 medium spring.

The series:
~ rounded to long spine box presses
~ long spine to rounded box presses w rotation in
~ single leg cat the leg extension
~ extended leg external rotation
~ flamingo 🦩 leg external rotation
~ single arm presses
~ hip swivel w arm presses

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