September 25, 2023

Prewritten Weight Loss Articles – “Swimsuit Season” Theme

Are you a weight loss publisher? Do you run a blog or email list where you offer weight loss tips to your personal training clients?

Do you moderate a Facebook group of weight loss and dieting followers who embrace a healthy lifestyle?

Sometimes you run out of steam for creating content. But you know you have to keep on going.

Wordfeeder’s articles make it easy. Just join our membership, log in and start downloading articles in topic-specific packs of 15.

You can use 15 articles to create a quick ebook. Or, post them one by one in your blog.

The articles can become the basis for your next virtual class, pre-recorded video, or one-on-one client material.

You can add them to your member area as an information resource.

Swimsuit Seasonp Weight Loss Articles are coming in June!

Titles include:

  1. Lose Weight This Summer: Try These Tricks!
  2. Enjoy Summer’s Bounty For a Flatter Belly
  3. 5 Healthy Makeovers for Summer Grilling Season
  4. Summer Salads Healthy Remix for Weight Loss and Great Taste
  5. Pack a Healthy Summer Snack: Take These To Go, Avoid Junk Food
  6. Lower Your Carbs for Weight Loss This Summer
  7. Skinny-Licious Summer Drink Recipes
  8. Waist-Saving Exercises for Swimsuit Season
  9. Slim Down and Stay Active This Summer! 5 Fun Exercises to Do Outdoors
  10. Amazon product description: Fitness Hoop
  11. Amazon product description: Roller Skates
  12. Shake Up Your Summer With Healthy, Weight-Loss Friendly Smoothie Recipes
  13. Yoga: The Low-Pressure, High Relaxation Form of Exercise that Helps You Lose Weight
  14. Amazon Product Description: Yoga Accessories
  15. Burn Calories This Summer: Outdoor Activities to Stay Fit and Have Fun

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