September 25, 2023

Rave: Hunterdon Pediatrics for Their Preventive-Care Approach to Health and Wellness

Wondering which pediatrician in Northwest NJ is the best choice for your new baby? Just moved to the area and in search of a reputable pediatrician?

We have experienced great things with Hunterdon Pediatric Associates. If you’re a parent who appreciates a more preventive approach to health and medicine, then, you too, should select one of their exceptional staff members as your child’s primary care physician.

A few reasons why we like Hunterdon Pediatrics:

They don’t hand out antibiotics like candy. Informed parents are now aware that antibiotics should be prescribed only for bacterial illnesses such as strep throat and Lyme disease.

If your child contracts the common cold, you will be smartly advised to provide plenty of rest, nutritious food, and hydration.

Their nurses are readily available to answer your questions, and will typically respond to your call within the hour.

They have several convenient locations throughout Hunterdon and Warren County, including their Rt. 31 (Clinton) and Sand Hill Rd. (Flemington) offices.

If your child falls ill suddenly, they can always fit you in for an appointment at one location or another.

They also offer Saturday and after-hours availability, with nurse-practitioners and doctors available to see your child.

They dispense helpful, commonsense-based medical advice.

Many of the common concerns you will have as a parent are addressed in their informative literature that they provide at each doctor visit.

Their medical advice comes in the form of information, rather than lectures or guilt trips.

Hunterdon Pediatrics offers a wealth of helpful information, both online and in the form of printed pamphlets, which they dispense at every visit for you to take home and read at your leisure.

Topics covered range from vaccination information, to updates on the latest viruses, to cold virus, strep and flu protocol, to lead toxicity prevention.

Their referral process is fast and uncomplicated.

If you need a referral for any type of specialist, simply call into their main phone line, press the correct number for the referral center, and you will be guided through a series of questions that you can answer right there on the phone.

From there, the referral will be made available for you to pick up at your doctor’s office, or they can mail it at your request.

Overall, as a parent who is aware of natural and preventive approaches to health and wellness, you will be extremely pleased with the quality of care provided by the physicians at Hunterdon Pediatric Associates.


Disclaimer: The information presented on this website is by no means intended as medical advice. If you are experiencing health problems or physical discomfort of any kind, please consult with your physician.

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