September 25, 2023

Travel Light in 2022 | Letting Go of Anger

Are you carrying too much weight? Anger. Let it go.

Assignment: Remove Anger. Why are you still so easy to anger?

In 2022, take anger out of your backpack. Do you know how hard it is to live every day with twenty or thirty pounds of anger on you? You’re mad. Frustrated. Upset. Temperamental. You have a short fuse.

“It’s because that’s just the way I am. I’m black, white, Irish, Italian, German… I am from Missouri.”

No, that’s not it. You have a bad attitude and a bad temper because you’ve adopted a bad way of thinking.

We let ourselves get mad. Something goes wrong, and we just get mad.

The light turns red, and you sputter, “That lousy light! It makes me so mad sitting at this dumb stop light. Another red light! Come on!”

Everything has the ability to make a mad person mad because the “madness” is in him. When things happen around him, the anger just comes out.

Anger is like tea in a tea bag. The hot water keeps bringing out the flavor of the tea.

Now, you may be blaming your anger on the light, the traffic, your wife or husband or your kids.

But as for your kids, you are the one who had the kids! You brought them into the world. And if they made you mad because they spilled milk, well, that’s just part of being a kid.

The anger isn’t in them; it’s in you. You carry it around every day. Your pack is too heavy and you are not going to make it to your destiny because you are mad, angry, upset, slamming doors, kicking the cat, stomping around and not talking.

Anger will weigh you down. Those who don’t get rid of it may even die young. Why? Because their pack was too heavy. It was filled with anger. Take it out and leave it at the camp. Just leave it there.

When you do, the journey to your destination will get easier.

Here is to a better you in ’22!

Jesse Williams is an Accountability Coach who focuses on improving behavior in the following ways:

1. The way one thinks. 2. Getting control of our emotions. 3. Taking responsibility for the health of our physical body.

He set and achieved a goal to reach 2021 miles in the past year and today celebrates his accomplishment. Join Jesse’s inspirational group, Turn Your Life Around, on Facebook.