December 11, 2023

What Veggies and Spices Make a Great Bone Broth Recipe?

Once you’ve made a few batches of plain bone broth it’s time to spice things up and add a little variety. The beauty of making your own homemade broth is that you can add just about anything to it. It’s your broth and you can fix it how you want it.

There are two ways to do this. You can add some veggies, aromatics and spices during the cooking process, or you can spice things up once the broth is finished. Adding some spices and seasonings after the fact is a great way to change up the flavor of individual bowls of broth. It also helps your bone broth flavor after it has sat in the fridge for a few days. Bone broth will always be its tastiest right after it’s cooked. But it’s easy to doctor things up with a little garlic salt, some pepper and anything else you like in your spice cabinet.

Keeping things basic when you make a big batch of broth makes it easy to use the broth later. You can boil your rice in it, add it to your favorite stew or drop a little in your green smoothie. With relatively neutral flavor of pure bone broth, you will get good results no matter what you make. And as mentioned before you can season it to your liking after the broth is done. Here are a couple of herbs, spices and the likes you may want to add to your broth:

– Salt and Pepper
– Garlic Salt
– Onion Powder
– Green Onion
– Fresh or Dried Herbs :
o Parsley
o Basil
o Oregano
o Rosemary
o Sage
o Chive
o Thyme
– Spices:
o Cayenne
o Turmeric
o Curry
o Cumin
– Soy Sauce
– Hot Sauce

Of course this isn’t an all-inclusive list. If it sounds tasty, try adding it to your broth for added flavor.

The other option is of course to add herbs, spices, veggies and aromatics to add during the cooking process. When you start your bone broth, look through the fridge for veggie scraps. Onions, carrots, celery, garlic and leek are all great options. Add them to the broth as it starts to boil. Even peels and scraps will work since you’ll be straining the broth. Just make sure they are clean before you toss them in the pot.

Dried herbs and spices can also be added in the beginning. When it comes to fresh herbs though, I wait until the end of the cooking process. Most fresh herbs are fairly delicate and you’ll lose all the good flavor and any nutritional benefits if you boil them for 12 hours or longer. Just hold off and throw them in for the last few minutes before cooling and straining your broth.

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