September 28, 2023

Working with a Virtual Copywriter

Is it time to clear your desk of all those writing, brainstorming, editing and proofreading tasks that you never seem to get to?

This is a NJ blog but I’m a copywriter who has served clients throughout the US; some in UK, Ireland, Canada and other countries.

No matter where you are, I can provide remote copywriting services from my home office or even my smartphone when out and about.

It’s simple to begin work with a copywriter. You don’t need a complicated and binding contract, although some might prefer one.

A copywriter can help you tackle writing jobs for the week, revamp your branding, launch your website, or handle basically anything for you in the way of business communication or advertising.

Here’s how the copywriting work flows:

  1. Give your copywriter basic contact information.
  2. Provide an overview of the audience and explain the product or service and problem it solves.
  3. Describe the project you need help with and estimate the word count. If you’re not sure of word count, your copywriter will guide you.

Your copywriter will then quote you a flat estimate. There should be some built-in flexibility calculated hourly.

To give you an idea. Hiring a copywriter to write a solid 600 to 1,000 word article would probably run you about $150 for the first draft.

If you request additional drafts, that’s more time so you might be looking at $300 or so.

Drafts are passed back and forth via email. You should be supplying the copywriter with any additional information needed to complete the project.

I don’t recommend communicating on text or private message with a copywriter because there’s too much room for error and confusion.

If you go beyond the scope of the project, the copywriter will stop you and ask, “Do you want to continue? Here’s how much I estimate for the additional hours.” From there you can decide how to proceed.

How to save money when working with a copywriter?

Only have the writer write a single, first draft which you then run with, edit and implement any way you like.

This potentially increases the chance of error, but the client should be responsible for the final product if this is how you’ve decided to work.

Establish a long-term relationship with the copywriter.

It’s in the best interest of everybody. Your copywriter will reduce the hourly rate and might even gift you some extras if she knows you are a client to rely on for steady work.

How to start work with a virtual copywriter right now:

Try to think of some writing tasks that you’ve been procrastinating, are too busy for, or simply would prefer to outsource.

Reach out to your favorite copywriter. (Could be me! Let’s find out.)

Email me at healthy happy NJ @ Gmail. com no spaces.

I will then email you back a questionnaire that you can begin answering in anticipation of our work together.