July 14, 2024

Sometimes I Have Fun Giving Random People Compliments

I’m at the age where I really don’t care if you like me, don’t like me, think I’m weird, too bold, or what.

I say nice things about other people because maybe they need to hear it.

And if I don’t say them, who will?

The other day I was pushing my cart down the aisles of Shoprite, silently cursing all the other shoppers who don’t abide by my Stay to the Right Unless You’re Passing rule that I have in my head.

As I’m heading toward the milk, I nearly collide with a little lady with dyed hair. And I say “oh excuse me,” smiling; because after all, my impatience is not about her.

She looks at me somewhat confused because she’s probably 90… her coiff is spot on, she’s wearing lipstick, her eyes are wide and bright like a happy child, and she’s beaming at me.

I am now fully struck by her radiance… so I just blurt, “Wow!! You have a beautiful smile!”

And she grabs my arm, holding it, staring into my eyes with her smile growing even brighter if this was even possible. And she says “How long are you here for, you just made my day!!”

She held onto my arm for at least 20 seconds, smiling right into my eyes like sunbeams from her soul.

And I forgot all about being annoyed at the slow, meandering shoppers.

I’m not always nice, but I rarely regret those times when I am.

Dina Gio works as a freelance writer, copywriter, content strategist, and website marketer. Contact her via the contact page up top for your next project today.