July 15, 2024

Learn Reiki at Riverside Wellness in Milford, NJ! 6-Hour Course July 27, 2024

Have you been curious about Reiki? Would you like to be come a certified Reiki practitioner?

Learn the foundations of this centuries-old healing practice. Embark on your Reiki journey at Riverside Wellness in Milford, NJ with Dr. Brigid Burke.

The Usui Rieiki Level One Class is an intensive course that runs for 6 hours. Hosted at our wellness studio on July 27, 2024.

DATE: July 27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
TIME: Class begins at 10 am and runs through 4pm.


Usui Rieiki Level One Class with Reiki Certification

Learn the foundations of the Usui System of Reiki. Dr. Brigid Burke teaches fundamentals and provides the tools to support, balance and bring vitality to the mind, body and spirit through Universal Life Force Energy.

This course will help you connect to and develop your intuition so you can learn to “read” the energy of your body and others. Receive initiation attunement to connect you to the first degree of Reiki energy and life-long access to Reiki.

A complimentary Reiki session is included as a bonus gift! Limited spaces are available.

What’s Included in This Class to Earn Your Reiki Certification?

This 7 hour course includes:

  • Riverside’s Reiki 1 Manual
  • An overview of Reiki
  • A brief historical perspective of Reiki
  • The Reiki Principles
  • Reiki hand positions
  • An overview of the Chakra and endocrine system
  • An Attunement
  • Reiki practice and practical application
  • A Complementary Reiki Session
  • A 21 Day Reiki Attunement Journal

At the end of First degree Reiki you will be able to:

  • Apply Reiki to yourself
  • Sense energy through your hands and the energy of the person receiving the Reiki
  • Understand the mind, body, spirit connection in regard to vitality
  • Apply the Reiki Principles to your daily life
  • Use meditations specific to Reiki

Certification given upon completion of the course.

Sign Up for First Degree Reiki on the Riverside Wellness Site Here

About Dr. Brigid Burke, Reiki Master

Dr. Brigid Burke began her spiritual journey in 1987 at the Harmonic Convergence, when she learned to read Egyptian oracle cards. She specializes in helping clients through crises and transitions using a variety of spiritual tools within her business, Transition Life Coaching.

An energy worker for over 20 years, Dr. Burke received her Reiki Master attunement in 2002, and more recently an attunement to Rahanni Celestial Healing by the Rahanni Founder-Elect Neshla Avey.

She holds postgraduate and doctoral degrees in Religion and Psychoanalysis, and has taught Religion and Mythology at Montclair State University for 14 years.

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