September 26, 2023

Your New Life Will Cost You Your Old One | Total Health Truthisms from Coach Jen

As a health coach, I get asked, “Jen, when am I able to eat normal again?” To which I respond, “oh you mean normal as in what made you ultimately reach out to me to begin with?” They laugh and say yes I guess you’re right!!

Fill the void with something new! This is WHY I’m not interested in DIETS! I’m interested in LIFE transformation!! Transformation creates something NEW from it! That new creation? Ultimately a BRAND new LIFE!!

When it comes to HEALTH, we HELP fill the void with NEW habits and over time what DEVELOPS is a whole NEW person! NOW who doesn’t want in on ALL of that?!?!

If you have thought AT ALL about getting started on working towards your health goals, THIS IS THE TIME! It’s a new month and a perfect opportunity to focus on YOU!

Jen offers virtual fitness classes from her garage that’s been converted to a gym and fitness center. Fantastic, fun and inspiring.

Keep up with the progress of other Total Health clients with Jen. The proof is in the results and on the smiles of the faces of Jen’s happy clients and associates!

You’ll also receive recipes and other tips for staying on program with your healthy food choices. Here, walking tacos gets a healthy makeover!

You can even enjoy program-approved desserts following Jen’s recommendation and tons of great recipes that she shares.

Let Jen help you get started on the path to feeling your BEST!

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Work With Health Coach Jennifer Kaye and Embark on Your Own Transformation

Jennifer Kaye is a health and fitness coach who works with clients to set goals for the Total Health program. She leads Garage Zoom exercise classes and works as a certified TRX, Spin, RealRyder and group fitness instructor. Jen shares tons of delicious program-approved recipes and is a daily source of inspiration and healthy perspective.

Connect with Jen on Facebook if you’d like more information about her weight loss, health and fitness success program. She can be contacted via private message.