June 14, 2024

To All the Amazing Dads. Happy Father’s Day.

Here’s to the dads who wake up early and head to their jobs in all weather… work hard all day, come home and then show up to coach sports.

Here’s to the dads who make dinner and roll shopping carts full of kids around the grocery store while Mom hustles to bring that double income.

Here’s to the camping and fishing and boating dads!

We salute you for escorting us through the woods, protecting us from the weather and the wild animals… taking us out on adventures and delivering us safely home again.

Here’s to the dads with your corny jokes and your trucker hats and your dad uniform of khaki pants and polo shirts that never go out of style… so we always know what to buy you on your birthday and holidays.

Here’s to all the dads who keep bellies and bank accounts full and who come home each night with a ready smile…

To the dads who take us to ball games and drive in the city when moms don’t want to.

Here’s to all the dads with cool cars and garages full of gadgets and state-of-the-art barbecue grills and pizza ovens.

Here’s to the dads who change diapers! You know who you are, and bless you for it.

Here’s to the builder dads, the writer dads, the dads who do taxes and change the oil on your car.

The dads who fly kites and give you investment tips and go out for groceries when it’s raining.

Here’s to the dads who fund Christmas, summer vacation and your future grandchildren’s wedding!

Here’s to all the dads who got up in the middle of the night to feed the baby so Mom could get some sleep.

Here’s to the chill dads, the funny dads, the computer whiz dads, the dads on motorcycles…

The dads with tattoos, the dads who you would totally walk up to and ask for directions because all you have to do is look at them to know they are good.

Here’s to the quiet dads, the gamer dads, the sporty dads, the sleepy dads… because dads deserve a damn nap once in awhile!

Here’s to the dads who went above and beyond to be a dad or father figure to other people’s kids… who put in the time as a teacher, a coach, a guide, a professor, a counselor, a friend.

Here’s to the moms who play the roles of dads, the Grandpas doing dad duty a second time around… the dads who  adopted kids and unconditionally show them love every day.

Here’s to the dads that anybody could call Dad because they’re a kind, strong, capable and loving father figure to all.

Here’s to the dads who listen, understand, think and consider. The dads who work hard every day to make the world a better place…

The dads who serve as a reliable rock for us all to lean on and love.

Here’s to the patient dads like my dad, who are willing to teach the steps and the lessons of how to do things, over and over.

Here’s to the dads of daughters… with their warm hugs and their college tuition payments and their safe shoulder to cry on… and having to make the hardest decision ever: to let their girl grow up, and go.

Here’s to the lawn mowing dads, the campfire dads, the dads with cool cars, the dads who take everyone for ice cream on a Saturday afternoon.

Here’s to the dads who are gone but not forgotten.

We will always remember the twinkle in your eye, and all that you gave, and the legacy that you built to pass on.

But mostly, we’ll remember that sitting next to you felt just fine.

Enjoy your day, Dads. You’ve earned it.